Well Testing and Artificial Lift Optimization

Still doing an annual, semi-annual, or monthly well test with a test separator? We get that—that’s what we did too. But that was before the T-Viz meter.

The T-Viz meter can accurately compute oil, gas, and water volumes over a 24-hour period, and is easily loaded on a trailer for transport from well to well.

Do you want to optimize your artificial lift using this data?

The T-Viz meter computes oil, gas, and water rates at a frequency of 20Hz, and this data can be aggregated to 1-second, 1-minute, and beyond.

Not only do you get high-frequency oil, gas, and water rates, but you also get a real-time, 3D visualization of the flow structure in the pipe. Imagine SEEING changes to flow when you change your stroke length, injection rates, or cycle times.

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