Our Values


Do what you say you are going to do, be trustworthy, and take the high road.


Come prepared, always be aware, think logically, and be accountable. The safety of our people comes first.


Find creative ways to solve problems.


Be part of the solution. Bring others on board.


Treat people better than you expect to be treated.


Deliver extraordinary results, on time.

Continuous Improvement

Constantly strive for better.

Who We Are

Flodatix is an energy tech company that has created the next generation of multiphase flow meters for the oil and gas industry. Founded by a team of experienced energy executives with deep technical expertise, we developed a product that can change the world’s perception of what is possible with an MPFM.

Our team is composed of first-rate engineers and PhDs from a variety of different backgrounds. Our people are our strongest asset, and our diversity of expertise gives us the perspective to solve the energy industry’s toughest problems.