Prototype T-Viz Meter Tested at UK Onshore Oil and Gas Company

Flodatix – The next generation of multiphase flow metering

During late-November/early December 2021, our prototype T-Viz Meter successfully underwent initial field trials with a UK onshore oil & gas company. Over the course of the trials the T-Viz Meter took measurements from two ‘rod pump’ wells and one ‘power fluid’ well.

Logistics for the deployment of the T-Viz Meter to the site were very straightforward, particularly as it is not subject to the cumbersome regulations applying to MPFMs using a nuclear (gamma) source. Disruption at the client’s site was kept to a minimum during installation, running the trials themselves and the decommissioning of our instrument at the end of these trials.

Despite flow rates typically below the preferred operational envelope of our T-Viz Meter 4” prototype, we were able to demonstrate a high degree of accuracy when comparing the output from our MPFM to site reference measurements. In addition, Flodatix was able to provide the client with greater insight into the slugging characteristics of both oil and water produced from their wells, presenting our data in averaged 1-minute graphical plots derived from direct measurements from the T-Viz Meter. This better understanding of flow regimes provided by the T-Viz Meter will allow the client to make better informed decisions on the most cost-effective method of future artificial lift, i.e., whether to use a rod pump system or a power fluid system.

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