Maximizing Efficiency and Minimizing Costs with the T-Viz Meter

Traditional well flow metering involves the use of separators and individual meters to measure the flow of oil, gas, and water. A typical setup includes a separator vessel to split the stream coming off the wellhead into three streams: oil, water, and gas. Each stream is then measured using different flow meters—an oil meter, a water meter, and a gas meter.

However, this traditional approach presents several limitations that contribute to inefficiencies and increased costs for oil and gas operators. The need for multiple pieces of equipment, including separators and individual meters, adds complexity and costs to the measurement process. Additionally, each component’s installation, maintenance, and calibration requirements can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Furthermore, the numerous connections and flanges involved in the traditional setup pose a risk of methane leaks, contributing to environmental concerns.

The T-Viz Meter: A Revolutionary Solution

In response to the limitations of traditional well-flow metering, Flodatix has developed a next-generation multiphase flow meter. This innovative meter offers a revolutionary approach to flow measurement by simultaneously measuring the amount of oil, gas, and water flowing through a pipe. By eliminating the need for multiple separators and individual meters, the T-Viz Meter streamlines the measurement process and reduces costs for oil and gas operators.

The Advantages of the T-Viz Meter

Reducing Equipment and Capital Costs

One of the key advantages of the T-Viz Meter is its ability to significantly reduce the amount of equipment required on a well site. Unlike the traditional setup, where each well needs its own separator and separate meters, the Flodatix meter allows for a single large bulk separator to handle the separation process for multiple wells. This consolidation of equipment reduces capital costs and simplifies the overall infrastructure required for well-flow metering.

Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability

While some existing multiphase flow meters on the market rely on nuclear sources and require frequent calibration, the T-Viz Meter offers a non-nuclear solution. This eliminates the need for handling nuclear materials and reduces the associated costs and safety concerns. Moreover, the T-Viz is designed to deliver high accuracy and reliability, providing operators with precise and trustworthy data for decision-making.

Innovative Imaging Capabilities

In addition to its cost-efficiency and accuracy, the T-Viz Meter sets itself apart with its unique imaging capabilities. This advanced meter can generate a 2D image of the cross-section of a pipe and a 3D timelapse of the different fluids flowing through it. The ability to visualize the flow of fluids within the pipe offers valuable insights for operators, enabling them to optimize production processes, identify potential issues, and improve overall efficiency.



The Future of Multiphase Flow Metering

The T-Viz Meter represents a significant advancement in flow meter technology for the oil and gas industry. Its streamlined approach not only reduces costs and improves accuracy but also offers innovative imaging capabilities that enable operators to make better-informed decisions. Moreover, by addressing methane emissions and aligning with ESG considerations, the T-Viz Meter contributes to the industry’s efforts in environmental sustainability.

As oil and gas operations strive to optimize production processes and mitigate methane leaks, the T-Viz Meter emerges as a promising solution, offering efficiency, cost-effectiveness, accuracy, and environmental benefits. By embracing this revolutionary technology, E&P companies can enhance their operations while prioritizing sustainability in the evolving energy landscape.