Flodatix Completes Field Trial in California


In early April 2022 our prototype T-Viz Meter successfully underwent a first US field trial at an ESP well in California.  Over the course of the short trial our MPFM took measurements which compared favourably with results obtained from a mini test separator situated downstream of our device.

As was the case during the UK field tests in late last year, logistics for the deployment of the T-Viz Meter to the site were very straightforward, particularly given that our MPFM is not a ‘gamma meter’ and so doesn’t have to comply with the cumbersome permitting regulations necessary for devices with such radioactive sources.

The T-Viz Meter was able to provide invaluable data in respect of the productivity of the well, presented in averaged 1-minute graphical plots derived from direct measurements, thus allowing the client the opportunity to review options to optimise returns.

Following this test our prototype MPFM was de-commissioned and cleaned up ahead of being returned to Houston in readiness for forthcoming anticipated trials in the Permian basin.


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