Flodatix Field Testing: Advancing Multiphase Flow Metering in the Oil & Gas Industry

At Flodatix, we are committed to revolutionizing the way multiphase flow is measured in the oil and gas industry. Our groundbreaking multiphase flow meter, the T-Viz Meter, has undergone rigorous field testing to showcase its potential to improve operations and reduce costs. In this blog post, we will share the details of our field trials, highlighting the achievements and positive impact our technology can have on the oil and gas sector.

The California Field Trial

In early April 2022, we conducted the first field trial of our T-Viz Meter at an ESP well in California. This trial was a significant success, as our prototype MPFM provided measurements that aligned favorably with results obtained from a mini test separator downstream. One key advantage of our meter is its radiation-free design, which simplifies logistics by avoiding complex permitting regulations.

This trial demonstrated the T-Viz Meter’s ability to provide real-time productivity data, empowering our clients to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

Trials in Oklahoma

Building on our initial success, we conducted multiple field trials in Oklahoma between July 2022 and March 2023. These trials allowed us to fine-tune our technology and validate its performance under various operating conditions.

Collaborating with operators in Oklahoma provided invaluable insight into the specific challenges faced by the industry, ensuring that the T-Viz Meter could effectively address these issues.

Successful Field Test in Colorado

Recently, we concluded a successful field test in the DJ basin of Colorado. By partnering with an operator in the region, we conducted continuous 24-hour monitoring over a two-week period. This extended testing provided comprehensive insight into the performance of our meter, enabling the operator to optimize their operations based on accurate and reliable data. The feedback from experienced industry professionals during this trial was invaluable, allowing us to refine our technology and ensure that it meets the specific needs of the industry.

The Advantages of the T-Viz Meter

At Flodatix, we take pride in the advantages offered by our T-Viz Meter. Firstly, not having a nuclear source minimizes handling and permit costs. Secondly, our meter provides reliable measurements of oil, gas, and water simultaneously, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the flow composition.

Additionally, our technology includes advanced imaging capabilities, allowing for the generation of 2D cross-sections and 3D time-lapses of the fluids flowing through the pipeline. This feature opens up new possibilities for data analysis and visualization, facilitating better decision-making and optimized production processes.

We remain dedicated to advancing multiphase flow metering and empowering oil and gas companies to optimize their operations. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to revolutionize the industry with our innovative solutions.